*Learn to Keep a Steady Beat
*Learn to Match Pitch and Sing Tonic Solfege
*Build a Repertory of Folk Songs, Finger-Play Songs, Fun Songs, Popular Songs, and Multicultural Songs
*Build a Repertory of Dances
*Learn to Read Basic Rhythms (quarter note, quarter rest, eighth note duplets)
*Listen and Respond to Music from a Variety of Genres
*Gain a Basic Understanding of Dynamics, Tempo, Form, Melodic Direction
*Learn About the Instruments of the Orchestra
*Play classroom instruments

Units/Themes by Month:


  • Getting to Know Each Other and Music Class
  • Steady Beat
  • Playing Classroom Instruments
  • Dynamics (Loud & Soft)
  • Halloween Songs




  • Steady Beat
  • 4 Different Voices (Singing, Speaking, Whisper, Shouting)
  • Thanksgiving Songs
  • "The Nutcracker Ballet"
  • Winter/Holiday Music


  • Steady Beat
  • 4 Instrument Families: An introduction to the instruments of the orchestra
  • Tempo: Fast & Slow
  • Pitch (High & Low)
  • Sol & Mi Patterns
  • Saint Saens:
    "Carnival of the Animals"


  • Steady Beat
  • John Philip Sousa
  • Reading basic rhythmic patterns: du, du de, & rest (quarter note/
    eighth note/rest)
  • Sol, Mi, & Do Patterns
  • Long & Short
  • Galloping/Skipping vs Walking Rhythms
  • Tempo
    (Fast & Slow)
  • Pitch (High & Low)
  • Jazz Music
  • Same vs Different (musical form)


  • Steady Beat
  • Form: (Same/Different)
  • Galop/Skip/Walk/Jog
  • Pitch:
    (High and Low)
  • Playing Classroom Instruments: Orff Xylophones