3rd Grade

We use the Rockin' Recorder Method Book to learn to play the recorder!!

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Who Are Our Recorder Karate Grand Masters, 10th Degree Blackbelts, and Black Belts?!


Need a Little Extra Help??

You can download an interactive Rockin' Recorder Lesson Book. It will walk you through the parts of the recorder, how to hold and blow into the recorder, and how to play B, A, G, C, and high D. It also contains a collection of songs as well.

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PowerPoint Version
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*Learn how to play the soprano recorder
*Learn how to be part of a musical ensemble
*Learn to read musical notation on the staff (treble cleff)
*Develop our singing skills
*Review our knowledge of dynamics, tempo, form, melodic direction, and meter
*Perform a concert that includes playing the recorder and singing
*Continue to learn about the instruments of the orchestra
*Continue to increase our repertoire of songs and dances
*Compose our own compositions
*Listen to and respond to music from a variety of styles and genres