2nd Grade


*Reinforce our knowledge of steady beat
*Begin to place our notes on the staff
*Review the major scale solfege (do to do)
*Continue to work on matching pitch
*Continue to work on reading/decoding rhythms (whole note, dotted half note, half note, quarter note, eighth note duplets, quarter rest)
*Gain a more comprehensive understanding of dynamics, tempo, form, melodic direction, and meter
*Listen and respond to music from a variety of genres
*Learn about the 4 families of instruments
*Build a repertory of folk songs, multiculural songs, popular songs, and fun/silly songs
*Build a repertory of dances and create our own dances

Units/Themes by Month:


  • Steady Beat
  • Review Rhythms (quarter note, eighth notes, quarter rest)
  • Major scale solfege
    (do to do)
  • Decoding notes on the staff
  • Halloween songs




  • Steady Beat
  • Folk Dance
  • Create our own circle dance
  • Tempo review
  • Reading Sol, La, Mi, Do
  • Thanksgiving Songs
  • "The Nutcracker Ballet"
  • Winter/Holiday Songs


  • Steady Beat
  • Tempo Review
  • Instruments of the Orchestra: Four Instrument Families
  • Mussorsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition"
  • Half Note Rhythms


  • Steady Beat
  • Dynamics (piano, mezzopiano, mezzoforte, forte)
  • Dotted Half Note
  • Meter of 3/4
  • W.A. Mozart
  • Accents
  • Reading notes on the staff
  • Creating our own dances
  • Uneven meter: 6/8
  • Jazz Music


  • Steady Beat
  • Equal/unequal rhythms (2/4 vs 6/8)
  • Note Names and Notes on Staff
  • Form: Imitation & Rondo